Corporate Partner

John Wittenbraker, Global Director of Innovation, Brand and Customer Experience, GfK

John Wittenbraker is the Global Director of Innovation, Brand & Customer Experience at GfK, where he has a dual role, directing innovation efforts in GfK’s Global Innovation and Digital and Global Brand and Customer Experience teams. His responsibilities include collaborations with academics, research institutes, and other businesses to identify, develop, and commercialize new methodologies and tools for understanding consumer experience. Current topics of focus include: biometric/ neurometric measurement, social media analysis, application of social theory to brand management and digital/connected life. Prior to that, he was managing director of GfK Custom Research North America, Corporate Innovation and also responsible for GfK’s Research Center for Excellence (marketing science, online strategies and sampling). He has also served as the managing director of the North American Brand and Communications business. Trained as a social and quantitative psychologist, he has developed advanced models, analytic systems and methodologies to support marketing and brand management decisions. He has had broad experience across multiple sectors, including package goods, financial services, telecommunications, automotive, retail and consumer services. Prior to GfK, he was a Partner with ARBOR, Inc., a Philadelphia-based marketing research and consulting firm. He has a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill and an A.B. from Wabash College.

Conference Sponsor and Honorary Conference Chair

David Robbins, Global Director of Customer Satisfaction and Experience, GfK

David directs GfK’s Customer Experience research practice on a global basis, with a primary focus on strengthening the growth and competitive positioning of the firm’s product portfolio. His responsibilities include research and development to drive innovation in customer experience theory and practice, new product design, product lifecycle management, and collaborations with GfK’s global network of clients and researchers to ensure the ongoing development and dissemination of global best practices within the area of customer experience. Current areas of concentration include research on: customer satisfaction management, customer experience management, enterprise feedback management, customer relationship management, and the integration of brand and customer experience. Prior to his current role at GfK, David spent several years as a Vice President of Account Management with GfK and ARBOR, Inc. in their Brand and Communications practice group. In between his current and former roles at GfK, David was the Vice President of Client Services at Second To None, a leading customer experience measurement firm. Prior to this, David worked as a marketing scientist at Symmetrics Marketing Corporation, focusing on the application of causal – modeling methods to customer satisfaction management research. Trained largely as an applied quantitative research methodologist, David has been developing advanced models, analytic systems and methodologies to support marketing, brand, customer experience, and operations management decisions. His experience spans a wide range of industry sectors, including package goods, financial services, telecommunications, technology, healthcare, government, automotive, and retail/consumer services. David has a MS from Purdue University and BA from Oakland University.